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GENOS - the leading laboratory for high-throughput glycomics in the world

Why glycans?

Glycosylation is one of the most important posttranslational modifications found in organisms from bacteria to humans.

The addition of glycans, branched oligosaccharides, determines the structure and function of proteins and other macromolecules.

However, unlike the other three types of macromolecules (nucleic acids, lipids, and proteins), glycans are still on the margins of contemporary science.

If proteins are the main workforce in living organisms, secondary modifications are the tools that give each one its functional purpose. And glycans are the pinnacle of life's toolkit.

The level of molecular complexity achieved by glycosylation increases the proteome diversity to orders of magnitude greater than any other secondary modification.

Over half of all existing proteins are glycosylated, as well as virtually all secreted proteins. Many of them take on the role of biomarkers or therapeutics in modern biomedicine - a role for which glycosylation is essential.

Determining exact glycosylation patterns is not only important in research and development but also in clinical settings where they can serve prognostic as well as diagnostic purposes.

Personalized and targeted medicine can hardly exist without taking glycans into account.

Additionally, glycosylation of biopharmaceuticals can have a significant impact on their effectiveness and safety. Failure to characterize it can result in increased heterogeneity, unsatisfactory clinical outcomes, or even legal consequences.

GENOS specializes in high-throughput glycan analysis using methods developed over 15 years of experience in academia and partnerships with clients in the clinical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.

Global leader in glycomics

Our journey started in 2008 when we analyzed over 1000 individuals from the Croatian island Vis. More than 10 years later, we have published over 150 research publications and completed more than 20 collaborative projects with research and commercial facilities worldwide.

Today the laboratory has the capacity for more than 150 000 glycan analyses yearly and represents the majority of the high-throughput glycan analysis in the world.

But we offer more than just facility services. Our team is highly skilled in developing new methods for glycan analysis from a variety of samples; making sure protocols are robust enough to be scaled to large sample sets.


As of today, GENOS currently has published over a hundred and fifty publications in the field of glycobiology and has experience in 21 successful collaborative projects (including 7 FP7 and 7 Horizon2020 projects)

We aim to further the understanding of glycans and their role in various diseases and states. Our star method is IgG and plasma glycan analysis which we developed routine procedures.

It is well known that IgG glycans are functional effectors in various conditions as well as autoimmune and chronic diseases and states. They are the biomarkers of inflammation and longevity.

But the quest for understanding glycans and their role in human biology is far from over, and GENOS is constantly pushing the frontiers of high-throughput glycomics.

Do you have a project proposal that requires know-how in the field of glycomics? Book a call with us to discuss a joint grant application or to recruit us as partners.

GENOS - world’s largest glycan analysis facility in the world

Our knowledge and expertise is available to any interested party in academia or industry through high-throughput glycan analysis and other commercial services that we offer, ranging from analytical chemistry to study design and statistical data analysis.

View our services page or get in touch with us to learn more.

Featured publications

Year Title Reference Authors
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  • High-throughput analyses
  • In depth glycoprofiling
  • Study design
  • Data analysis
  • Joint project development

Our team

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Senior Researcher

Barbara Radovani

Research PhD Student

Dr. sc. Gordan Lauc

Founder and CEO

Dr. sc. Maja Pučić Baković

Head of Glycoprofiling

Svjetlana Bušić

Director of EU Funds and Finance

Dr. sc. Mislav Novokmet

Head of MS Laboratory

Dr. sc. Irena Trbojević Akmačić

Head of high-throughput glycomics

Dr. sc. Frano Vučković

Head of Data Analysis

Dr. sc. Marina Martinić Kavur

Head of Coorporate Communications

Dr. sc. Ivan Gudelj

Senior Researcher

Dr. sc. Jasminka Krištić

Senior Researcher

Dr. sc. Andrea Skelin

Research Manager

Dr. sc. Olga Zaitseva


Dr. sc. Jerko Štambuk

Senior Researcher

Ana Cindrić

Research PhD Student

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Research PhD Student

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