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Genos is proud to announce that it has signed a new three-year R&D contract with the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Enterpreneurship and Crafts  and HAMAG-BICRO agency. Under this contract Genos will coordinate the R&D project “New Generation of High-Throughput Glycoanalytical Services” aimed at the development of novel high-throughput analytical methods in glycobiology. Additional project partners are University of Zagreb Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb Faculty of Science and University of Rijeka, Department of Biotechnology. Total value of the project is Euro 3.057 million. The majority of the costs (79%) will be provided by the European Fund for Regional Development,  European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds), Call “Increasing the development of new products and services arising from research and development activities”.while the remaining 21% will be funded by project partners.

Genos is already dominating the global market of high-throughput glycomics for clinical and epidemiological studies. New analytical methods, which will be developed through this project, will enable Genos to expand its participation in large research projects and perform analytical service to researchers from all around the world.